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Month 1: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I´ve been in site for about three weeks now, and I am really beginning to love it here. this week I´ll be spending some time in the capital with the rest of the volunteers celebrating Thanksgiving, the American way. Before I leave, I just wanted to give you a taste of what my first month … Continue reading

An Intro to My Site and Work

Last Wednesday, October 28th I was officially sworn in as a Peace Corps volunteer serving in the Dominican Republic. I’m living in my site now and I just wanted to give quick idea of what I’ll be up to for the next two years. I’ve written two sections below, one describing my site, and one … Continue reading

Thank G-d You’re Brown

Last Tuesday was Project Partner Day in the capital. Project Partners are the host country nationals who’ve solicited Peace Corps volunteers to work for their community or organization, and Project Partner Day is a daylong orientation designed to introduce each project partner to their prospective volunteer and discuss the work that lies ahead. Volunteers joke … Continue reading